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Precision Financial was founded on the belief that every company, large or small, should have access to the financial solutions and expert advice needed to grow wisely. We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs because they inspire us, having worked with these visionaries across every industry. From the beginning of our company’s development, our team began to identify common pain points within our client’s accounting processes. It became evident that we could help solve this business pain by offering CFO advisory services, to help companies develop smart, scalable growth initiatives capable of achieving short and long term goals.

Today, the Precision Financial team delivers monthly bookkeeping services and customized accounting processes to companies of all sizes, including professional service providers, non-profit organizations, technology groups, law firms and more. You always have access to expert accounting professionals and CFO advisors who have comprehensive knowledge of your business, your specific needs and goals. Business owners face considerable financial challenges; accounting and bookkeeping processes should not be one of these hassles. Our team is dedicated to providing easy-to-use tools, mobile options and highly skilled guidance, so you can reduce financial risk and boost growth. Spend more time running your business and enjoying life.

Precision Financial empowers business owners and executives, allowing them to make smart business decisions based on timely, accurate, reliable guidance. This is what we do.


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We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs because they inspire us, having worked with these visionaries across every industry.


About Us - Mike Chawner

Mike Chawner

Mike Chawner is passionate. That’s not always the first quality you think of in a “numbers guy,” but it’s certainly one that becomes very important when sound financial management is the only thing standing between you and the accomplishment of your own life long business goals and dreams. He’s most passionate about building accounting departments that provide accurate financial information to drive good decision making.

He’s helped companies as they navigate venture capital funding, initial public offerings, due diligence, and first audit preparation. Not only has he helped entrepreneurs, he is one himself! In 2010 he founded an accounting firm focused on helping companies improve internal processes and financial reporting, reduce the monthly close cycle time, tackle complex accounting issues, and provide forensic accounting services.

Before that he worked over a decade for a global accounting firm, where he performed audits and due diligences, as well as developed technical accounting and training resources. Most importantly, he met his current business partner there, Brian Lang, who shared his passion for helping businesses grow through proper financial management.

He has a BBA in Accounting from the University of Maryland at College Park, a Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) Credential, is a member of the AICPA FVS Section and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, and is a licensed CPA in both Texas and Maryland.

Mike is also a big believer in investing in the future generation’s success, as evidenced by his extensive volunteer involvement in both STEM and early childhood development and education organizations.

About Us - Brian Lang

Brian Lang

Brian Lang has the kind of professional versatility that brings a wealth of perspective to our organization and yours. He has been a manager at a global accounting firm, a CFO for a $15 Million a year enterprise and a controller for an organization producing $125 Million in annual revenue. Between those positions alone, he has executed over $200 Million in acquisitions.

He’s prepared audits and presented audits, advised clients on timely close processes, established internal controls, implemented new accounting systems, developed accurate financial reporting, and helped clients to develop budgets and other cost saving measures, as well as participating heavily in the IPO process for 3 companies.

Brian received his Bachelors and Masters of Accountancy from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is a CPA.

Arguably most important, he became a successful entrepreneur himself, and continues to fulfill his dream of helping client organizations become properly financially prepared for the growth they want to achieve.


Don’t just take it from us. Let our customers do the talking!

Erin Swider, Snaptrends
VP Finance 

“We engaged Mike to help our company with issues around revenue recognition in light of the new GAAP pronouncements. It was my first time working with Mike, and the project could not have gone any better.
His depth of knowledge surrounding revenue recognition, specifically for technology companies, is beyond compare. He has a talent for putting the complexities of technical accounting in layman’s terms, and “cutting to the chase” to the relevant parts of the rules that applied to our business and industry.
On top of his technical expertise, he is a lot of fun to work with. He’s the kind of guy you can call up at anytime to bounce a question off of and he’s happy to hear from you. I would go out of my way to recommend him to anyone in my network needing a technical accounting expert who is just a really good guy.”

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